Our story begins in Thiene in 1991 and since then we create furniture lines elegant, refined and luxurious, meeting the demands of our customers. Our company is the perception of luxury and elegance. A piece of furniture that is considered apiece of art, and it’s forms like a melody.


Bassano is the heart of Maculan, from there all our collections are born from the hands of our master craftsmen, who prefer the use of precious like solid walnut , oak, cherry wood , wenge or slabbed of panels in fir wood strips . The finishes are handmade with polished bees-wax or shellac finish. The water- based stain penetrates into wood and enhances the veins, the polished bes-wax or shellac finish protect the lacquer, and refines the collection. The lacquering of various colours is peeled and refined with paint or coatings to make the furniture piece unique and original, and this is why our products are a sure investment and represent the antique for tomorrow by acquiring value day after day.

  • Bassano del Grappa, city ‘teachers of carpenters and lovers furniture veneta production.


There are objects that contain universal values​​, styles, timeless quality 'that cross time and space to get to us. There are details that from generation to generation are enriched in elegance and quality 'craftsmanship.

  • Emotions than skin deep, the magic touch and the quality 'that make unique the particulars
  • We are are so sure of the quality 'of our products that we guarantee them for life

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